My name is Naved. I was born in a small town called Patna, in India in 1996. I grew up in Siliguri, West Bengal, and have spent most of the last 5 years of my life in Gurgaon, India.

I derive immense pleasure out of building things. The first “thing” I ever built was an LED attached to a motor I extracted from my birthday-gift RC car. I observed in awe for hours as a stream of water on the shaft caused the LED to shimmer. Still in the 3rd grade, I was convinced I could build a perpetual energy device out of the components I had from my toy car.

Later in middle school, I created a “vault” written in C++, that stored contact information, images and memories from my first school, and distributed it amongst my friends.

I was always passionate about getting into the top engineering institute in India, and pursuing a career in computer science. Ridiculous fact: The group of 23 colleges in under the IITs offer a total of 11,000 or so seats for engineering courses. Of these, about 900 are available for computer science courses, competed for by a nation of 1.3 billion. I did not get in, but secured a seat at a tier 2 institute in Greater Noida, UP.

Education in India is in a sorry state, and I might do a piece later on why I was sure I had to drop out after 6 months at a university. I have been building “things” since. Of the many projects I involved myself with, the first was an IT Services organisation that grew out of my freelancing career. This venture taught me the basic things around building a company, acquiring clients, and technology. This organisation grew to a strength of 100 employees at its high, and continues to be in operation today. ( I sold it off. )

My second project was a headless e commerce platform, as I hoped to make a difference in the internet retail industry, and exercise my technical skills to make a complex product. After having made a series of errors with this project, development on this end has slowed down. This project taught me the more complex lessons around building and running a business, dealing with people and relationships, and strengthened my skills with web technology.

AppWorks Technologies acquires Big Drop.

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 Square1 – India’s first headless e commerce platform.

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I absolutely love emails, and I think chat apps are the doom of conversations & relationships. Write to me.