Navid Khan.

About Navid

I'm a software developer and consultant living in Delhi, India.

You can find me on Twitter, on GitHub, on Stack Overflow, and on Instagram.

I was a cofounder of Square1 and Big Drop, and have advised organisations, including Fidelity International and India Accelerator.

I am currently working with Canary Technologies. I was previously at Foxy.

I like lists, this one covers my life so far.

  • 1. I dropped out of my college in 2015, in the first semester of my Bachelors (of technology) programme. My grass root freelancing career grew into a professional tech services organisation in less than a year, and to a 100 developers strong team over two.

  • 2. I founded and lead the development of an e-commerce platform for enterprise businesses with a team of 20 developers. We acquired a leading Indian telecom firm as our pilot client.

  • 3. I acquired funding & incubation for my second start up, working with an Indian accelerator under GAN. We were also a part of Y Combinator's start up school.

  • 4. I have consulted with a multinational financial services corporation as a mentor and trainer, and helped incubate more than 50 programmers into their technical team over years.

Want me to build something for you? Hit me up! I lack loyalty to my current gig and am powered by a constant greedy desire for mo' money (and solving mo' problems).

[email protected]